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Av Mi's Nails - 31 januari 2011 17:00


Flowers that my stepmom taught me to do.

3 are mine, 1 is her's.

Can you guess which is which?

Av Mi's Nails - 30 januari 2011 17:00


A christmas-design that my stepmom did on me.

The green polish is from H&M, I don't know the other ones.

Av Mi's Nails - 29 januari 2011 16:15


A new design I made a few weeks ago.

Leopard-spots on top of my H&M Gold-polish.

I'm gonna do more and smaller spots next time.

Av Mi's Nails - 28 januari 2011 04:20


An old "design" I do/did alot.

Just like the black stripes, but pink.

And I apologize about the length and everything, they look horrible.

Really old picture. 

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