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Av Mi's Nails - 8 februari 2011 17:30


I bought this plastic jar from my husband.

Inside it I keep random glitter and stuff. 

Av Mi's Nails - 7 februari 2011 17:30


These fake nails I also got from my stepmother. 

They are almost the same as the ones in the previouspost, but with lighter tips.

Av Mi's Nails - 6 februari 2011 17:30


These fake nails I got from my stepmom last summer. 

I LOVE the leopard ones!

Av Mi's Nails - 5 februari 2011 17:00


Razorblades that I got from my stepmom for christmas.

They are for slice-ing(?) the FIMO-sticks.

Av Mi's Nails - 4 februari 2011 16:45


A superglue I got from my stepmom for christmas.

A few days ago I was gonna use it but it was broken so I glue my whole hand...

Av Mi's Nails - 3 februari 2011 16:45


A "design" I made with "Depend 035" and the white IsaDora "grafitti nails" top coat.

Very easy to do and looks cool.

Av Mi's Nails - 2 februari 2011 16:30


This is a design that my stepmother did ony me a few weeks ago. 

She also tought me to make the flowers.

The blue polish is from H&M.

I kinda messed it up when I put on the top-coat...

Av Mi's Nails - 1 februari 2011 16:15


I got about 100 fimo-sticks from my stepmother.

You slice them with a razor and put them on your nails.

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