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Av Mi's Nails - 17 november 2010 20:30


A polish that is not that old.

I got it from my stepmom in the beginning of this year.

It is from Thailand, Bovo. Don't know the name of the colour.

It is  a really dark grey, but in some lighting looks black. Pertty.

Av Mi's Nails - 16 november 2010 20:30


An old polish that I got from my mother a few years ago.

I love to wear it in the summer, since it makes you look more tan.

It's from H&M, don't know the name of the colour, but it is obviously white. =D

Av Mi's Nails - 15 november 2010 20:30


Another old nailpolish from the 90's, but it is still wearable.

One of my old favourites, also from Varuhuset.

In the picture I have 2 layers of it on.

Av Mi's Nails - 14 november 2010 20:30


An old "design" that I do pretty often.

An easy way to make my nails more fun when I have very little time.

(And can also give the illusion that they are longer.)

In this case I used a CD-marker, but it is supposed to be black nailpolish.

Av Mi's Nails - 13 november 2010 22:55


5 of my old polishes that I had to throw away recently.

I believe they were all bought some time in the 90's (at Varuhuset).

They were all my favourites!

Av Mi's Nails - 12 november 2010 08:49


I made these nails on the 7:th of March 2008.

I really liked them, they were fun to wear.

Av Mi's Nails - 11 november 2010 23:06

Hi everyone!

I just started this new blog. Here I will post lots of different nail-stuff.


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